Revo Uninstaller – Software Removal to the MAX !!

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Apr 08 2012

This website provides readers information, helpful hints and ideas on using the best uninstaller software on the market today, Revo Uninstaller.  Our goal is to assist subscribers in using Revo Uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller PRO to their maximum potential. We are an approved affiliate of VS Revo Group owned and operated by Rockbridge Services, LLC.

Revo Uninstaller Pro analyzes an application’s data before uninstall and scans for remnants after the uninstall of a program. After the program’s regular uninstaller runs, you can remove additional unnecessary files, folders and registry keys that are usually left over on your computer. Revo Uninstaller Pro offers you some simple, easy to use, but effective and powerful methods for uninstalling software like tracing the program during its installation.

Revo Uninstaller Pro has a very powerful feature called Forced Uninstall. Forced Uninstall is the best solution when you have to remove stubborn programs, partially installed programs, partially uninstalled programs, and programs not listed as installed at all! – VS Revo

This software is excellent at removing programs like iTunes completely, and without leaving a trace, you can monitor all system changes made during its installation, and then use that information to uninstall it with one click only – simple and easy!

We recommend both Revo Uninstaller (older version free trial from Rockbridge Downloads) and Revo Uninstaller PRO (updated 30 day trial – direct from VS RevoGroup). They both help solve the most difficult software uninstall problems even during their free trial phase unlike other “free version” software uninstallers.






Revo Uninstaller Pro


RegCure Pro Upgrade

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Apr 07 2012
Your chance to upgrade to RegCure Pro!

New Version!

Upgrade to RegCure Pro today and make your computer faster and more stable

Like RegCure, RegCure Pro is an easy-to-use way to boost your computer’s speed and performance. Featuring a suite of performance-enhancing tools, RegCure Pro thoroughly cleans your computer’s registry – and a
whole lot more:
- Removes viruses and spyware- Sweeps away confidential information and unwanted files- Optimizes your computer’s memory- Manages the hidden processes on your PC- Fixes system errors and crashesThe best way to upgrade to RegCure Pro is with a free scan. This will help you determine the health level of your computer. After a scan, with just
a click of a button, you can upgrade to RegCure Pro and get your PC back to running like new!Upgrade to Regcure Pro now
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RegCure Speed Up Your PC Performance

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Oct 11 2011

Regcure Review:

If you’re having trouble with your personal computer and find it running much slower than normal you probably need a registry cleanup manager such as Regcure to correct that situation. Computers start working slowly and gradually as the pc registry fills up with unwanted files and malware infections that are often silent. This cleans your personal computer registry and updates drivers. The application checks all your start-up programs and also manages them. Regcure actually clears all bad registry data on your personal computer in order that it works more efficiently.

Here are some other tasks Regcure does a good job tackling:  The software application thoroughly scans your computer or laptop registry searching for troublesome areas and correcting those problems which it uncovers automatically. Other than the start up programs the computer software it will also recognize any invalid shortcuts on your system that are dead ends and remove them. In the same way it removes all of the empty registry keys it finds while doing its auto scanning.

We find this software really amazing since it does such a great job of identifying problem which often go unnoticed by users. It will find broken pathways and corrupted files, CLSID, broken or unused fonts and bad type ids. Most of the time folks rarely think about cleaning these up at all. You would not suspect that they could slow down your system but they do. The excellent software engineering within the software utility is a must for any Windows based computer and is compatible with all Microsoft applications including MS operating systems.

We highly recommend it from wherever you download it.  See the Regcure website.

Places To Search Online To Buy Dedicated Server Hosting

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Oct 10 2011

The internet has greatly revolutionized the way that communication and business activities are done today. Competition has moved a notch higher and business people are trying as much as possible to get ahead of their competitors. Their services have been automated and put on websites online. This has seen the rise in number of companies offering website server hosting services. These come complimentary to others like domain name assignment and IP address purchases.

These companies operate on a large scale basis and therefore they have numerous customers with varied demands. To meet these demands they have to invest in high speed and high capacity computer systems for their operations. This requires hard drives with a capacity of several terabytes and a revolution speed that matches the capacity. This is the main differentiating factor between these systems and the regular PCs that people use at home. Companies and institutions that deal with highly sensitive data require additional security measures taken to ensure security. Though it comes at a high cost it is less susceptible to hacking and intrusion.

A large collection of dedicated hosting servers called a data center is maintained by some companies to offer storage for web pages from different websites. These need to be kept in rooms that have been swept clean since dust could damage them seriously. Employees are requires to maintain these machines and manage their services. However data centers are very expensive and thus very few companies own these. What happens is that the regular ones rent space from centers that have specialized investment in these and this is where the phenomenon of business process outsourcing comes in handy to operations of businesses. These are typically companies that are called internet service providers.

Data centers are usually set up by large companies that have a large asset base to finance its activities. Renting out space could be used to generate revenue to cater for expenses incurred in running the establishment. The company is able to comfortably hire the necessary personnel and purchase the necessary equipment.

Among the greatest concerns of website administrators is whether their site will be accessible continuously. This is measured by the number of hits it generates per day. The score of availability tells how likely it is that a web surfer will get into the website to see its contents. The more available it is the better its suitability for posting of advertisements. Many companies offer these services and they are available online. Some of them even offer the service free of charge as a compliment to a customer for making a certain purchase. The developer needs to do adequate research to determine the best company to use in their investment. The person who does the coding for a particular site could do some review of the best deals. A quick search with a search engine will show the companies offering the server hosting services.

Tools that Make Creating Surveys Easier

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Oct 04 2011

Surveys today can be created with ease. You can save a lot of time by using some useful tools when creating a survey. Examples of the popular tools are the mobile phone survey creator, the report generation tool, custom-made survey templates, multi-language tool, and the image management tool. Use of an online survey tool provides numerous amazing benefits. These tools enable you to easily create a survey in just a few minutes since each survey template has ready-made questions. All you have to do is modify some of the questions to get the specific data that you want.

Survey templates are available in different types. One of the popular templates is the customer satisfaction template. Other templates are for performance review, market research, training and education, and employee feedback. These templates provide convenience to users in creating the survey. These questions were designed and formulated by experts in market research, and they can help you in obtaining relevant data.

Also important is the reports generation software. This program can generate reports regarding the results of the survey, including the analysis of the data. The report will show you some areas for improvement and suggests some actions that need to be done according to the needs of the respondents. You should use this tool every time you conduct a survey because this is very helpful in your data analysis process.

Surveys that are intended to be disseminated to various countries, the multi-language software is the best tool to use. This aids to you distribute the survey forms in different languages. But you will get the report of the results in your preferred language. Thus, you can save time in gathering all the results in different languages because the tool can collate them all into one report.

The image management tool is also an important tool to use. This makes it easier for you to add graphics and images to the survey form. This is ideal for mobile phone surveys and online surveys.

You can also create your own survey if you have plenty of time to spend on it. But you can save so much of your valuable working time by simply using an online survey tool that lets you conduct a market research in just an hour or two.

The Relevance Of Having Backups With Managed Hosting

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Oct 03 2011

Many businesses are making use of managed hosting services for different reasons. But, the main reason why many companies are going for managed hosting server is because of the lack of resources to be able to make, manage and maintain the necessary IT infrastructure for effective the effective management of back-end process such as data back-up. For any business organization that’s using managed hosting servers, it is important to store important and sensitive data. Frequently, business deals with a considerable amount of internal data necessitated for smooth operations. In many cases, they are required to store the information of clients and other important data which are needed for them to continue working effectively and maintain good relations with clients and business partners.

If ever a system failure is encountered or any other issue, then they should have backups so that they can continue their smooth operations.

In a managed hosting, there should be daily backups. It would require a strong server as well as a dedicated IT professional team to be able to focus with backup execution, remediation of backup failures, monitoring successful jobs and also provide support. If there is no committed IT infrastructure employed to deal with backup, the business is at increased risk of losing those important data. The competition in the global environment is increasing and many businesses are opting for managed hosting services due to the fact that they don’t want to lose important data that may disrupt with business operations and make a negative impact particularly with their relationships to clients.

Having an IT infrastructure is definitely a huge investment. Several businesses don’t have the needed capital to be able to have their own IT infrastructure or perhaps they just want to channel their resources on the important aspects of their business. Moreover, they may not have the required space for housing IT staff, hardware and backup storage. The lack of expertise in dealing with problems and backup failures in managed servers can also be one reason why companies don’t have their own IT infrastructure.By getting a managed hosting service, the companies can simply outsource IT expertise and avoid straining their resources. The company can have the advantage of focusing on how they can strengthen their business and allow others to manage other important operations.

It is important for the managed server to have regular backup so that in case of unexpected situations, problems can be handled effectively. If ever some data are lost, the significant data can be readily retrieved so that the business can go on with its operations. Business needing to outsource an IT environment can depend on a managed hosting service. This option is economical for clients and they can be assured of an excellent level of service than the regular website hosting services. Through a managed hosting service, a lot of the server side issues are handled by the managed hosting company.

This can take off a lot weight form the clients’ plate and they can have more time and effort in focusing with the business. Through this advantage, the businesses can look forward to growth and expansion.

Windows 8 Examined

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Sep 30 2011

The globe has a first look at code name Windows 8. First peek, it seems alike to Windows Phone 7; presenting equivalent multi-colored tiles that consist of Marketplace (Windows own app shop). The Windows 8 interface is dramatically unique from any previous desktop operating system – on the attention on touch technology. Microsoft is playing catch up on the “touch” globe – they appear to be heading the path of an valuable operating system for desktop, laptop and touch slates.

On this very first view, the Operating system begins with a complete screen picture and some common info on the top of the picture. Right from the start menu, we can check out the user interface is different from any preceding Windows OS. The start screen is a completely customizable mosaic of app tiles. These app tiles are one of a kind, simply because in contrast to an icon, display live details without having to open the application. This advanced interface is absolutely friendly, however, if the “touch” interface isn’t well suited for your taste (or hardware) – the OS provides the classic interface we’ve come to discover with the start button and complete menu system. Built from the beginning, this new user interface will function with or with out a keyboard and mouse on a just about any gadget. No matter if you choose to make use of a tablet, laptop, desktop, or some other devices, Windows 8 has you covered.

In the D9 Conference, Microsoft proved how the new OS operates effortlessly with not only the newly discovered apps, but additionally together with the well-versed Windows programs and software, presenting users all the tools and abilities they’ve come to assume from Microsoft. Apps is usually opened and navigated using tapping and swiping gestures, equivalent to other touch-based interfaces.

Even though it’s apparent where a lot of of those “touch” and “interface” ideas originate from, it really is combined having a number of really cool characteristics we haven’t determined in the Apple centered touch globe. Quite a few of Windows 8 features are geared toward accurate multitasking performance, for example the capacity to snap and resize application panels or find and share photographs across numerous apps swiftly and easily.

Even though Microsoft Windows 8 is nevertheless in test stages, it really is creating a great deal of buzz. Microsoft has revealed they’ll not raise the white flag. If Microsoft really listens for the community in the early releases – they might actually generate a touch OS which takes a bite out of Apple. Microsoft hasn’t set a launch date as of but, however the unique Windows 8 release date should hit marketplace in 2012.

Selecting The Right Registry Cleaner and Repair Software

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Jul 01 2011

If your computer hasn’t been running smoothly it is possible that you need to repair your computer’s registry. This is not something that you should try to do manually. Thankfully, there are a lot of different programs and downloads out there that you can use to clean and repair your computer’s registry. This should help you get your computer running smoothly again. Of course, figuring out which download is best for you and your situation can be difficult. How are you supposed to sort through the hundreds of options that are available? Here are some hints that you can use to make the process easier.

One of the best ways to be sure that you are choosing registry cleaners and repairers that are legitimate is to search out the programs on reputable downloading platforms. CNet, for example, is well known all over the internet. You can download quite a few programs through this portal and they have a reputation for excellence. The official Windows site is another place to look for a registry cleaner. Sometimes the site itself is good as well-if the company is trustworthy. Do your homework before downloading from any site that doesn’t come with a stellar reputation!

Look for a registry cleaner that combines its clean up capabilities with back up capabilities and repair capabilities. It is possible to download a program that does each of these things individually. Of course this will eat up more space on your computer and then, if one program malfunctions you run the risk of the other programs not being able to do their jobs. You could end up with a computer that is little more than a giant brick. A program that backs up, cleans and repairs saves space and time because it can decide on its own how best to make sure that your computer is running smoothly.

Prior to downloading anything though, you will want to look for reviews of the cleaner you are considering. Be sure that the sites you find reviews on are reputable and are an independent source. It is best to look for another program if the only reviews you locate are affiliate reviews or promotional links. Great reviews that can be trusted can be found on PC user forums. Take some time to research respected computer blogs or websites. When looking for the right cleaner it is important that you find reviews from independent third parties. Weed out the scams from the real programs by reading through these reviews. Finding a good registry cleaner takes more than luck if you want one that gets the job done. Downloading the first registry repair program you find, is a bad idea for this type of program.

Antivirus Software Solution with Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus

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Jun 30 2011

Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + (formerly PC-cillin) is an additional great antivirus software, combining good security with simple usability. The software is well equipped to safeguard your pc from your wide variety of threats, and contains made several improvements in 2010. By far the most noteworthy new feature could be the addition of cloud-based security, specifically designed to increase detection and resource usage. By running the majority of the security processes online, Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus software detects threats before they earn their approach to your pc. Furthermore, as most than it resides online, you don’t have got to waste your disk drive space to hold it yourself.

Installing Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus Plus 2011 is a nice straightforward affair: it takes you to click through only a couple screens before installation begins. But you’ll need an internet connection when you install Titanium Antivirus -the installer should download the software program before it starts installing, which adds the perfect time to the process.

Each and every other major antivirus software currently present that you can buy, Titanium Antivirus is capable of doing blocking various forms of malware, including viruses, worms, bots, browser hijackers, spyware, adware and Trojan downloader applications. Thanks to its real-time protection and automatic updates, Titanium Antivirus can offer quality protection against many of the above mentioned threats.

Trend micro coupon clearly focused on speed without on adding new tools or features in 2010. It isn’t missing any truly essential antivirus software features, but is seriously short of a few of the advanced tools which have been implemented by competitors. We wish to visit a laptop battery saving mode and gamer mode added, as well as the choice to make a bootable rescue disk. Though not technically a passionate area of the antivirus software, TrendProtect is actually a free feature worth mentioning. TrendProtect is actually a browser plug-in tool that provides you warnings and security ratings since you use google (akin to McAfee LinkScanner or Norton Safe Web). This utility is an excellent tool for proactively protecting you since you browse the net.

Overall, Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus Plus 2011 a moderate influence on PC performance within our tests, finishing about average for your products we considered. Scan speeds were a mixed bag, though: that it was the best performers in on-access scans which kick off when you open or save data, nonetheless it is on-demand scans – that you just start manually – were a superb bit slower than average. This is better than the reverse scenario where on-access speeds scans lag – those scans happen much more frequently – however it can nevertheless be frustrating to manage. Related security products for an antivirus application is McAfee Security Scan.

Registry Cleaners That Work Well

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Jun 30 2011

Registry Cleaners That Work To Fix Your Computer

Performance is a very important aspect of personal computers. If it isn’t kept at its best, the result is that most actions on the machine will end up taking more time and becoming painfully slow. It’s a side-effect of using them; the more you use the computer, the more changes are made and eventually, they become clogged with junk files and registry entries that serve no purpose or even begin interfering with the functionality of the device. Let’s look at registry cleaners that work.

One of the main reasons for this performance slow down happening quicker than expected is the installation of programs. This adds dozens of additional entries per program as well as many junk files. Even the uninstallation process doesn’t remove it all, usually a lapse in programming.

With all of these additional files and entries adding up, it’s no wonder that the access times are slower. The personal computer needs to scan through all of the information, irrelevant or not, and this slows down searches for genuine information. If there is bad entries, then these can cause lockups, crashes and errors.

The registry cleaners aren’t designed to remove junk files from your hard drive, since this is a task usually easily dealt with manually or by other programs. Instead, they focus on cleansing the database that contains all the changes made as well as all the settings to your operating system. By cleaning it of all the irrelevant information, access times are improved and errors are reduced.

Aside from access time, additional problems can arise from corrupt, duplicate and incorrect registries. Besides obvious errors and loss of functionality, they’re generally unhealthy for the system. Cleaners can find these and correct them however possible. This includes removing duplicates, correcting the information and deleting any that simply cannot be resolved.

Alternatively, if the errors and performance loss is simply too much, then try reinstalling the operating system. This will reset the registry database and get rid of any stragglers slowing it down. It’s recommended that you reinstall your operating system on a regular basis to avoid errors and slowdown.

Tired of reading articles that don’t solve your problem? Click here to check out the web’s leading resource on this issue! Click here now!: free registry cleaner, selecting the best registry cleaner review and Rockbridge Reviews: advanced pc cleaners reviews

The Cloud Computing Fear: The Unknown

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Jun 29 2011

Security Fears of the Unknown

Learn about “The Cloud” and Cloud Computing:

Despite the fact the concept of cloud computing has been around for several years there are still many business out there that are hesitant to migrate over as they still don’t feel they don’t understand it. When you break it down into it’s most simple form cloud computing is basically running all your computing via the Internet rather than storing things like software and applications on your own hard drive. It can take a lot of time and money to migrate over to the cloud which is why it’s essential that all your staff understand what’s going on and why it’s going on in order to ensure complete user adoption.

Here are some informative links to article that help explain how this all works thanks to the mega computing companies like — a pioneer in cloud computing technology.

In today’s society the cloud is more common that you might think and most your staff are probably already using a cloud services. Cloud computing can be anything you can only access through an Internet connection to get to your account. For example if you have a spotify account or iTunes account that you store your play lists in you can usually access them from anything that connects to the web. You can then use that account to listen to your favourite tracks or videos from anything with an Internet connection. Facebook is another example of cloud computing, you access it with your account details with anything that lets you get online, through your phone, laptop office computer. Now even WordPress websites can use cloud hosting to supercharge website download speed, improve Google rank and reach customers all over the world instantly as though your server was hosting in their country. All this at incredibly low cost. There is a great services out there for wordpress blogs that puts wordpress on the web. See WordPress Cloud Service and for instance. You can even host directly on Amazon’s network of servers around the world for a fraction of what you might think!

When it comes to making a business decision it’s the idea of not needing a data center that makes cloud computing so appealing. You know longer have to pay for sever space you’re not actually using and you’re also not having to pay to keep those servers powered and cooled. The beauty of cloud computing is that you can scale up or scale down just about instantly, and you’re only ever paying for what you’re using rather than what you might be planning to use with a standard server.