The Cloud Computing Fear: The Unknown

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Jun 29 2011

Security Fears of the Unknown

Learn about “The Cloud” and Cloud Computing:

Despite the fact the concept of cloud computing has been around for several years there are still many business out there that are hesitant to migrate over as they still don’t feel they don’t understand it. When you break it down into it’s most simple form cloud computing is basically running all your computing via the Internet rather than storing things like software and applications on your own hard drive. It can take a lot of time and money to migrate over to the cloud which is why it’s essential that all your staff understand what’s going on and why it’s going on in order to ensure complete user adoption.

Here are some informative links to article that help explain how this all works thanks to the mega computing companies like — a pioneer in cloud computing technology.

In today’s society the cloud is more common that you might think and most your staff are probably already using a cloud services. Cloud computing can be anything you can only access through an Internet connection to get to your account. For example if you have a spotify account or iTunes account that you store your play lists in you can usually access them from anything that connects to the web. You can then use that account to listen to your favourite tracks or videos from anything with an Internet connection. Facebook is another example of cloud computing, you access it with your account details with anything that lets you get online, through your phone, laptop office computer. Now even WordPress websites can use cloud hosting to supercharge website download speed, improve Google rank and reach customers all over the world instantly as though your server was hosting in their country. All this at incredibly low cost. There is a great services out there for wordpress blogs that puts wordpress on the web. See WordPress Cloud Service and for instance. You can even host directly on Amazon’s network of servers around the world for a fraction of what you might think!

When it comes to making a business decision it’s the idea of not needing a data center that makes cloud computing so appealing. You know longer have to pay for sever space you’re not actually using and you’re also not having to pay to keep those servers powered and cooled. The beauty of cloud computing is that you can scale up or scale down just about instantly, and you’re only ever paying for what you’re using rather than what you might be planning to use with a standard server.


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